Once upon a time, in a land far away…

The world is constructed and sustained by stories, myths, and legends. Narratives are perpetuated and continued in children stories told at bedtime, in family legends recited at family gatherings, in memorized history books, and in public murals and statues. Each family, village, city, and nation has these stories, and we cannot fully understand our world until we understand the stories people around us have been told.

This podcast aims to illuminate some of these stories and attempt to see how the narratives affect the world we live in. This website functions as a resource to explore the stories and topics further through extra material connected to each episode.

This podcast series is part of a Bachelor of Arts thesis at Minerva Schools at KGI.



Klara Eriksson is an independent audio producer with a special interest in politics, history, and public education. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Minerva University based in San Francisco, CA, and is currently finishing her Master’s in History of Ideas at Uppsala University, Sweden.


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