Episode 3: Sweden – the Hero

If a national narrative is imagined and constructed, then someone must have created it? In this episode, we look at some of the guys who were at the center of it all, as well as asks where on earth this whole Viking thing came from.

This series is part of my capstone project for a Bachelor of Arts at Minerva Schools at KGI. Thanks to Professor Grace Woods-Puckett, my advisor, to Anda Yoshina and Mika Lanir for their valuable feedback, and to my sibling Eli Eriksson for helping me with ideation and support.

Thanks to my Journalism class for reading through and really pushing me to make this episode the best it could be.

Thanks to Oskar Ehrnberg for agreeing to be interviewed, and for my dad, Per-Erik Eriksson and Teodor Westermark Fellenius for sending me recordings from across the world. 

Special thanks to The Real Group and Anders Edenroth who let me use their recording of “Sverige” to introduce this whole thing. Tack, Anders!


These guys are SO 2019. Or more like 1866.
Featured: A Viking, Gustav Vasa, Castle of Three Crowns, and Stockholm Bloodbath.
Image credits: Klara Eriksson.
What’s the deal with national narratives? And where on earth did this whole Viking thing come from?
Featured: Klara with invisible Viking gear.
Image credits: Klara Eriksson.

The Geatish Society (1811-1844)

Featured Members from the society which created one of the first versions of the Swedish national narrative.

Erik Gustaf Geijer (i.e. Einar Tambaskskälfver) 1783–1847.
Esaias Tegnér (i.e. Bodwar Bjarke) 1782-1846.
Jakob Adlerbeth (i.e. Rolf) 1785-1844.
Arvid August Afzelius (i.e. Arngrimur) 1785-1871.


Vikingen by Erik Gustaf Geijer (1810).

Du Gamla Du Fria by Richard Dybeck (1844).



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Oskar Ehrnberg, telephone conversation with Klara Eriksson, June 10, 2019.

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