Season 1: An Epilogue

In this short epilogue to Season 1, Klara reflects over the process of making a podcast from start to finish, and the feelings of letting a big project go.

Episode 5: Britain – Who?

English? British? From the UK? What are labels, why are they important, and who gets to use them? In this episode, we look closer at the names and words of a really complicated archipelago.

Episode 4: India – the Mother

How are narratives communicated to us? What do we actually feel pride towards? In this episode, we look at what symbols and devices propel national pride, specifically in India.

Episode 3: Sweden – the Hero

If a national narrative is imagined and constructed, then someone must have created it? In this episode, we look at some of the guys who were at the center of it all, as well as asks where on earth this whole Viking thing came from.

BONUS: Entitlement

In this bonus episode, Klara explores her uncomfortable feelings of overstepping boundaries of what is okay and not, and the complicated process of defining who is entitled to something.

Season 1: An Introduction

Throughout human history, stories have always been a thing that ties us together, helps us work together. In this episode, Klara explains her personal connection to stories as well as the history and psychology behind their importance in society.

Episode 1: Argentina

Meet Sofia! Together we tell a story of indigenous, Spanish, populist and now frustrated Argentina.